0804 – Ancestral Mantras

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0721 – Ancestral Mantras

“Don’t ever think or allow anyone to tell you that the deities and ancestors don’t walk with you in America as they do elsewhere. Remember, wherever you are thus goes the Spirits.” ~Mami Wata Healers Society http://www.mamiwata.com/MWHS_PHOTOS/photo.html

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0701- Ancestral Mantras

"The ancestors have already bought and paid for our crown. All we have to do is wear it." —James Baldwin pic.twitter.com/HL9aGE5Rf0 — black cognizance (@BlackCognizance) July 26, 2015

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A nomad with roots: calling all expats to research the past

Originally posted on Black Girl Gone:
Replanting your roots shouldn’t mean losing them In March 1920, my grandmother lived with her parents and siblings in Jacksonville, FL. They shared a home with the parents and younger brother of A. Philip Randolph. She…

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The Ultimate Family History Interview Primer – Author, Nicka Smith

Ago Ire’o Monday – ’tis the Season for a plethora of reason to keep cultivating OUR story. Former Bay Area folk, Sis Nicka Smith is a maven in the field with a powerful creative platform through her lens. Get to

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411: Afrigeneas.com –

In May 2013,  I answered “The Call” for applicants  and applied for the Afrigeneas.com sponsored scholarship to attend the Midwestern African American Genealogy Institute [MAAGI].  (smile)  July 2013 marked my first intensive experience at a genealogy institute of any kind. My

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Family Reunion – What’s Your Story?!

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” – Marcus Garvey Build a branch, shake down some leaves REUNITE and ReBuild Familial ties; whatever the Season, start TODAY and “Work

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Revisiting Family Tree of Surnames

A Give praise to the Life of our Ancestors imbued with infinite wisdom to UPlift our own. Honor breath -speak their names for the vitality of yOUR existence for they are with you, GIVE light towards their ascension for the

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Eku Odun – Happy New Year!

“Females carry an ovary of their grandmother”  Learn the ‘lore behind this quote from a post upon my Dance blog, the working organ of my #Dancestory2015 project. _____________________________________ Eku Odun – Yoruba for Happy New Year

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Honoring Our Family Matriarch – “Mama Elsie”

My Grandmother Mama Elsie is the Family History keeper on my maternal side – She has a mind keen like machete for these details. Thus as a result, generations of names are noted to record on both the COLEMAN and

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